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Lj SS Layout

is it just me or has the header etc gone walkies?? maybe it's time to have a compertition for a new layout..

the comms gone a bit dead but we could all help to get it running again.
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It was working the other day...
I can see the header

I do think we need a new header though- some of the people on it aren't even SS-ers anymore. Or they hate the pic of themselves on there *coughs*me*coughs*

Lol, I hate the picture of me thats on that header.

I agree with Nisha though, I think we could do with an updated header.
could someone post me the link for the header cus i can't see it at all?!

anyone think a competition is a good idea????
oo i see it now. (tried it on internet explorer) wow half them members don't come on anymore.. wow thats kinda sad and upsetting
And I'm not on it!

That's a travesty if ever there was one!

=P (I'm kidding! .... maybe.)

haha yeah we neeed a new one LAUR ISN'T ON IT!
You know what thats the first thing I thought when I was looking at the header the other day.
I tried to get more involvment in this comm last year with the icontests, but only a couple of people were interested.

And to all those who hated their picture in the banner, you were the ones to give them to me!!! Or told me to choose one!!!! You should have given me ones that you actually liked, coz I just ended up choosing my favourite ones.

...and I have no idea where it has gone...
hehe but that was ages ago! I liked the picture at the time but now I don't!
I agreee with the new layout motion...I really hate the picture of me...